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Coca-Cola North America Group Jobs and Careers

Coca-Cola® is the name that is synonymous with refreshment. Whether it's the legendary Coca-Cola and Diet Coke® families of beverages or the dozens of other juices, waters, and soda, people worldwide look to us for that instant when they can say, "Ahhh!"

These moments of happiness occur every second of every day. Making sure they continue to happen is where we come in. Coca-Cola North America Group makes, sell and deliver Coca-Cola products throughout North America. From Key West to Kenai and all points in between, we're the team entrusted with getting these world-class products to our customers.

If you want to work where the results of your efforts put a smile on millions of faces every day, check out the opportunities with Coca-Cola Refreshments now!
Working for the world’s biggest brands is no small thing.

There are many paths to happiness.

At Coca-Cola North America Group, we offer a beautiful dichotomy: we are a large, inclusive culture and yet we encourage our employees to grow as individuals. Right now, Coca-Cola North America Group consists of thousands of such empowered individuals, all pushing themselves to greater and greater heights. Every day is a chance to learn something new and achieve beyond your wildest expectations.

With operations all across the United States and Canada, we’ve learned a thing or two about differences. We celebrate them and the competitive spirit they create. From a career perspective, that translates to an equally diverse range of career options. Exciting, isn’t it?

The world’s best brand wouldn’t be possible without the world’s best employees. We invite you to challenge yourself, join us and prosper.

Things are different here, in the best possible way.

As we make, market and distribute happiness throughout the world, our team is dedicated to working together to create a brighter future for our employees, our company and ultimately, our world.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard and don’t merely think excellence – we practice it daily through our culture of excellence mandates:

• We are Accountable. We do what we say we will do.

• We are Customer-Focused. We succeed only when we exceed the expectations of our customers.

• We are Team-Driven. We win as a team, and we do it the right way.

Our customers expect this of us, and we owe it to them. After all, they have helped make us who we are today. That’s why we operate safely and responsibly, ensuring we continue to exceed their expectations. We also owe it to each other. At Coca-Cola North America Group, we truly are a family. We respect, encourage and inspire each other to grow. And, we recognize and reward individual accomplishments in a positive team environment.

As we move forward – and for us, there’s no other way to move – we will encourage those things that foster success. These are more than words on a mission statement; these are words we live by as stewards of one of the most popular products on the planet. If you share this passion and are ready to enjoy the professional success it leads to, you’ve come to the right place.

Everybody Should Make, Market and Distribute Happiness.

Our strengths lie in our differences.

At Coca-Cola North America Group, we’ve embraced that truism so completely that it permeates every fiber of our business – how we interact with each other, our suppliers, our customers and our planet. Through our Live Positively™ initiatives, we ensure that everyone here has the freedom to contribute.

This principle of mutual respect has made us what we are. We’re committed to providing equality of opportunity in an atmosphere where excellence is encouraged and rewarded.