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Ellison Bakery

4108 W Ferguson Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
(260) 747-6136
Company Information:
Ellison Bakery is a family-owned and managed business that was founded in 1945 by Donald Ellis. Mr. Ellis was a visionary who turned his love for fine quality baked goods into a food service business that is still thriving 55 years later. Ellison Bakery credits its ongoing growth to the commitment of its employees to excellence in all phases of the operation. We believe that the only way to make the very best cookies is to hire the very best employees. Our strategy is to do just that and to let them apply the very best baking processes to only the very best ingredients. Only the best can bake the best. That makes our employees our most important company assets.

Ellison Bakery started as a one-man operation in the family garage in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mr. Ellis sold, produced, and delivered high-quality retail baked goods to restaurants and grocers throughout the area. As Ellison Bakery’s reputation for excellent products spread, the business flourished as well.

Ellison Bakery plans to continue expanding its business by providing customized products that specifically meet its customers’ requirements. By utilizing e-commerce functions to interact with its customers, Ellison is offering a significantly improved level of Web-based customer service that is not available from most other cookie manufacturers.

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