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Franz Family Bakeries

2006 S. Weller Street
Seattle, WA 98144
Company Information:
In 1897, Engelbert Franz, a 15 year-old from Rothsaifen, Austria wrote his uncle, who owned the United States Bakery in Portland, Oregon. In his letter, Engelbert asked his uncle to send him a ticket from Austria to the United States; in exchange, Engelbert would work for his uncle and pay him back. Engelbert’s uncle, needing dependable employees, agreed to his nephew’s request. Engelbert worked for United States Bakery for eight years, repaying his uncle. During this time, he also sent for his brother Joseph to join him at the bakery.

In 1906, Engelbert and his brother branched out and purchased a small bakery named the Ann Arbor Bakery. In a very short time, their bakery became successful and allowed them to strike a deal with their uncle to purchase his bakery. The brothers kept the United States Bakery as their corporate name and the bakery became known as Franz Bakery.

Over the years, Franz has continued to expand and enhance its facilities by installing state-of-the-art equipment while still remaining true to the Franz family standard of superior quality and service. Franz Bakery remains a family tradition with a number of younger generation Franz family members active in the business.

Today, Franz Bakery produces a variety of baked goods including various breads, buns, rolls, cookies and pastries.

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