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Haas Baking Co. Inc

Company Information:
Fifty years ago, grandmother still baked most of the goodies at home, including pies, cakes, cobblers and cookies. Bread and rolls, the mealtime staples, were a chore better left to the tiny neighborhood bakery. And thus began the golden age of little European-style bake shops with continental flavors from Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden, Austria, and Italy.

Haas Baking Company started out in the same fashion. It was a small bake shop in south St. Louis catering to the community. When folks began a natural move to other parts of the city and county, they asked Mr. Haas why he didnt open up a bakery in their new neighborhood. So, the idea of a wholesale operation was born. A few vehicles began delivering Haas pastries to stores around town. It caught on.

The company grew, expanded and modernized under the leadership of Joseph Haas son of the founderwhile staying true to the quality and personal supervision of the Little Bake Shop. Today, Haas Baking Company is a recognized supplier of frozen bakery products to the food service industry.

Now, as then, excellence is our motivating principle and service our guarantee. At heart, we will always be the Little Bake Shop That Grew Up.

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