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Oak Farms Dairy

1114 North Lancaster
Dallas, TX 75203
Company Information:
For more than a century, the Texas population has trusted Oak Farms Dairy for the natural milk they know is incomparable in freshness and flavor. Oak Farms Dairy began delivering daily dairy to Lone Star families in San Antonio, Texas in 1908. Since then, residents from East Texas to the Hill Country, Dallas to Houston and from Wichita Falls to Beaumont have made room for Oak Farms on the table.

Since the beginning, Oak Farms employees have worked to ensure the quality of its products is available to as many Lone Star families as possible. Oak Farm Dairies sells its milk to restaurants, hotels and grocery store chains in order to bring families throughout Texas the purity and freshness of Oak Farms Dairy.

The results of the company’s dedicated efforts have come to be the long, thriving history of Oak Farms Dairy. Thanks to all the Texans who supported the company in its beliefs and endeavors, Oak Farms Dairy has been successful. Oak Farms Dairy is committed to providing quality products to the Texan families who stood behind the organization more than 100 years ago as well as those new customers who join the Oak Farms Dairy family each day.

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