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Rio Bravo Tomato Co. LLC

36889 Hwy 58
Buttonwillow, CA 93206
Company Information:
Rio Bravo Tomato Company provides its customers with the highest quality tomato paste products in the industry. Rio Bravo has grown at an explosive rate since its founding in 1999 by a group of local growers, and the company continues to forecast rapid growth and increased market share over the next several years.
Rio Bravo's exclusive Designer Paste Process enables production of the highest quality tomato paste with the greatest yield and value for its customers. No other tomato processing company has such value added technical capabilities.
Rio Bravo's superior food industry team, its prime location in the southern San Joaquin Valley, its commitment to quality and customer equity, and proven solidity have made Rio Bravo Tomato Company the food industry's tomato paste solution.

Rio Bravo Tomato Company is located in California’s southern San Joaquin Valley, the richest agricultural region in the world, and the most productive for tomato growing.
Rio Bravo is specifically located in a “rain shadow” desert where sparse rainfall and hot summer temperatures provide perfect conditions for tomato growing. This allows for early start and late finish processing seasons, thus Rio Bravo is capable of supporting tomato processing from late June to late October.

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