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313 Fougeron St
Buffalo, NY 14211
Company Information:
Wonder® bread was born when an Indianapolis baking company produced a loaf of white bread and wrapped it in a package with red, blue and yellow balloons.

From the beginning of its time, Wonder bread continuously changes with the time. Wonder bread became America’s first sliced bread in 1925, after Continental Baking Company purchased the Indianapolis baking company that produced the first Wonder bread loaf.

Wonder bread was one of the first brands to fortify and enrich its product with eight essential vitamins and minerals. Soon after, nutritional information appeared on its packages and calorie reduced Wonder bread was launched.

In 1996, Interstate breads Corporation acquired the Continental Baking Company and the "Remember the Wonder" ad campaign reminded consumers that Wonder bread is also nutritious. Then, eight years later, they made that same bread even more nutritious by adding the calcium of an eight ounce glass of milk into just two slices of Wonder Classic White and Wonder Classic White Sandwich bread.

Today, at close to 90 years old, Wonder bread is still the soft, delicious and nutritious bread your family has always loved. Only now, there are more than 20 different ways to Wonder.

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