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Yarnell Ice Cream Co., Inc.

P.O. Box 78
Searcy, AR 72145
Company Information:
The story of Yarnell’s Premium Ice Cream starts in 1932 when Ray Yarnell purchased the assets of Southwest Dairy Products in Searcy, Arkansas. Times were tough for the Yarnell family throughout the depression but Ray was able to keep the ice cream business a float through selling 5 gallon metal cans of ice cream to local drug stores and ice cream parlors.

In 1948, Ray’s son, Albert joined the company as a sales manager. Concentrating on retail development, Albert focused on retail sales and in 1954 led a major plant expansion and expanded sales through central and south Arkansas. After his father passed away in 1974, Albert took over as President and a year later, Albert’s son Rogers joined the family business. Under Albert’s and Rogers’ leadership, the company continued to expand through reinvestment in the manufacturing, warehousing and delivery operations. In 2001, a fourth generation Yarnell, Christina joined the business. Christina’s flair was in product development. That same year, due to retail price pressures, rising costs and declining sales, Yarnell’s closed its doors.

Recognizing the importance of the Yarnell brand in Arkansas led to Schulze & Burch, the leading manufacturer of store brand toaster pastries in the world, to re-launch top selling Yarnell’s flavors using the same original formulas in an updated and larger carton. The outpouring of excitement and support for the re-launch has exceeded all expectations.

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