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BeReal Doughs introduces new gluten-free edible cookie dough

New festive flavors arrive just in time for the holidays

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

BeReal Doughs is introducing three new flavors of gluten-free and plant-based cookie dough.

"The best part is that no one can tell the cookies are gluten-free," said Mary Galvin, avid baker and nurse practitioner. "The taste is just as good as my old recipes."

The brand’s three new flavors—Gingerbread, Good Sugar Cookie and Oatmeal Cranberry—feature high-quality organic and non-GMO ingredients. The doughs are vegan-friendly and taste great raw or baked into warm cookies.

These holiday favorites are safe for celiac disease patients, as well as individuals with food allergies to soy, egg, dairy, nuts or gluten. The brand’s original flavors—Signature Chocolate Chunk, Cacao Fudge Chip, Cape Cod Cranberry Chocolate Chunk (seasonal)—are also gluten-free and vegan-friendly.



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