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Wackym’s Kitchen collaborates with Lakewood Brewing Co.

Wackym’s Kitchen collaborates with Lakewood Brewing Co.

Partnering to create The Temptress cookie

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Its not often you hear about a collaboration between a bakery and a brewery, but just that has happened in Dallas, Texas. It all began when Wackym’s Kitchen moved into a 10,000-square-foot facility in Dallas, Texas, right down the street from Lakewood Brewing Company, known for its Temptress Imperial Milk Stout, the No. 1 craft stout in Texas. The pair partnered up to release the bakery’s 38th cookie flavor, The Temptress.

“Teaming up with Lakewood Brewing for a new cookie is a perfect marriage of two brands because Wackym’s Kitchen is known for crunchy, buttery artisanal cookies with unique and adventuresome flavor combos, and Lakewood Brewing also loves to create new and interesting beer flavors,” explained Paul Wackym, Founder, Owner and Master Baker of Wackym’s Kitchen.

The Temptress has a flavor of chocolate, vanilla and molasses, which aligns with Lakewood Brewery’s milk stout, featuring an earthy taste. The cookie contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and uses real butter, sugar cane, unbleached flour and cage-free eggs.  

According to Wackym, it wasn’t easy creating this new cookie flavor: “The formulation was one of the most challenging I have faced in the 11 years of developing recipes for Wackym’s Kitchen, taking nearly six months to get it right. I made a lot of bad cookies — none of them were crave-ready — so the process was not done.”

To replicate the stout’s flavor, Wackym used actual imperial milk stout and combined it with other ingredients to create The Temptress. The product was then tested at Coppell Farms Market, where it was welcomed with open arms. The company now sells its cookies in an 8-ounce package, which includes 26-30 cookies, at several Central Market locations, Lakewood Brewing Company and via  

“It was very interesting to see product recognition. The Temptress Imperial Milk Stout itself has a very passionate following. Those who loved The Temptress glommed right onto the cookie in a heartbeat,” stated Wackym.




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